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Murder with a smile

Book One -- available in paperback and e-format

Book One -- available in  e-format  and paperback

Janice Bennett
Murder, mayhem...and mirth? When Annike McKinley storms out of her stressful San Francisco accounting job to return home to the lively and unconventional small town of Upper River Gulch where she grew up, she is only looking for peace and quiet. What she finds is murder, chaos and the unpredictable but always entertaining antics of her beloved Aunt Gerda and the rest of the eccentric but delightful members of Service Club of Upper River Gulch Environs (known as the SCOURGEs behind their backs).

Annike soon discovers she has a knack for playing lion tamer to a wide variety of characters, both the well-intentioned if misguided and the not-so-well-intentioned and thoroughly corrupt. And all of Merit County seems to discover she also has a knack for organizing the most unruly of major parties and events. Thus is launched her new business -- Events Unlimited. In her efforts to protect her clients and their events from the consequences of murder investigations, she is aided--and occasionally hindered--by the all too charming and capable Merit County Sheriff Owen Sarkisian. There might be a lot of laughter for her in her new career, but peace...not so much.


Murder and romance wend their tricky way amongst the London Haut Ton

Book Two -- available in paperback and e-format

The road to romance is never easy—especially when murder strikes, killing more than dreams.

Regency London – the balls, the soirees, the gowns, the jewels, the glitter and glamour…and the occasional murder. When the darker side of life rears its ugly head, the members of the haut ton want the matter handled discreetly and quickly. They call on Benjamin Frake, a Bow Street Runner who mingles easily with both the upper and lower classes to solve the trickiest mysteries, thwart the most dangerous criminals -- and smooth out the pitfalls in the way of true love.

Book Two -- available in e-format and paperback

Book Three -- available in e-format. Coming soon in paperback


** Reindeer Games

** Holy Cow

** Ducks and Drakes 

** Still to be decided**

Book Four -- available in paperback and e-format

Book Three -- available in paperback and e-format